Monday, April 2, 2007

Wedding 1 month and 4 days away

It is hard to believe that the wedding is only one month and 4days away. It seems like only yesterday that we first got engaged and were trying to figure out what kind of wedding that we wanted to have. Since then, we have gotten married at the courthouse due to fellowship applications and have been able to save enough in order to pay for the wedding, without having to go into debt for it. We are getting married again, this time in a religious ceremony in front of all of our family and friends on Saturday, May 5.

Yesterday, Andy's aunts, his sister, and his sister-in-law gave us a bridal shower. I was able to meet some of his distant cousins and friends of the family that I had not had the chance to meet yet. It was great being able to see everyone and we were able to get some of the items that we needed such as flatware as what we have is mismatched and has seen better days. We also received some gift cards to Target which we are going to put towards the Dyson vacuum that we would like to get. The Dyson is an awesome vacuum that is the only type that I have seen that sucks up all kinds of dog hair (we have two dogs) and is best for those who have allergies (which is me) in removing allergens that are found in carpets.

Overall, I am ready for the wedding to be over with and for us to be on our honeymoon. We are going to Charleston SC and the Outer Banks in NC for our first vacation away from the Midwest. I am looking forward to being able to relax and spend some time with my husband without any interruptions from everyday life. Time sure does fly by. By the way, if you are reading this blog, I am in need of a job for the summer. If you know of anyone hiring, please let me know as I would greatly appreciate it.