Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Heffer and Nash

I am a proud "Mom" to my two "kids" Heffer and Nash. Heffer is an 18 month old mutt (Beagle/Australian Shepherd/Australian Cattle Dog) and Nash is a 5 year old Brindle Great Dane. They have two distinct personalities. Heffer is an outgoing, bouncing off the walls, in your face personality. His nose is always getting him into trouble. He doesn't listen very well and is very stubborn. He loves to play fetch, run around, and wrestle with my husband. He also loves to snuggle with me in the mornings before I go off to school. Nash on the other hand reminds me of Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. My husband got him as a 1 year old pup before I had ever met him. Nash had come from an abused home where he was not allowed to learn how to play. Nash is low key, always looks sad, and does not ask very much from us. We love him all of the time but he does not know how to play, even though we have tried on numerous occasions. What Nash loves most in the world is his sofa. He is happiest when he can lay on his sofa for hours on end.

Both of the dogs love walks, car rides, and trips to the park. They are always doing something funny or crazy. The craziest thing that they did today was when the tornado siren wailed. Instead of following me to the basement, they started howling, barking, and pawing the back door. These two crazy dogs wanted to go outside in the middle of severe weather. It took my husband and me to get them away from the door and down to the basement.

There is never a dull moment with these two kids of mine. I can't imagine life without either of them. They are always there if you need cheering up when you are sad and they are always there whooping it up with you when you're happy. My husband and my two kids give me a family where I am completely free to be myself and loved just for me.