Thursday, September 13, 2007

Introducing Jiggs

To the left is our baby (my husband and me) nicknamed Jiggs in honor of my Grandma who gave me that nickname when I was in-utero thirty years ago. At the time of this ultrasound, Jiggs was about an inch long and weighed not even an ounce. We are hoping to find out the sex of our child by the end of this year, if Jiggs cooperates with us and the ultrasound tech.

I am excited about being a mother. I can't wait to see what he or she looks like and what kind of personality they will have. My husband and I just want a healthy baby but several members of our family have put their request in as to whether they want a boy or girl. My mother-in-law wants a red-headed girl named Moira born on March 17. However, March 17 is way too early for the baby to be born, I have no control over the red hair thing, Moira is no longer in the running for a girl's name and I hope its a boy, although I would love a girl too. My uncles-in-law want a boy to carry on the family name (which they weren't that serious about because they put that request in on the day that I met my husband for the first time). So what do you think we will have? You can leave your guess as a blog comment or vote in the poll that is on this page.