Sunday, September 9, 2007


This weekend was my Mom's birthday. After going out with my family for her birthday lunch, we went back to the old homestead and went through stacks of letters and photos that my grandma had left us when she died of cancer in January of this year. It was great to see old photographs and to see letters that I had written to my grandma when I was a child. Among the items was baby blanket that she had left to my Mom and me. Its almost like my Grandma knew that I was going to be pregnant sooner rather than later. So in addition to the letters, photographs, and a healing medallion, I took the blanket back with me to Toledo where I added it to the few items of clothing that I bought for the baby and the stack of books that my Grandma had read to me as a child. These items are something that I can give to my baby once they are born and share with them the wonderful great grandmother that they will never know, but will come to know through my memories and stories that I will share with them. I love you Grandma and you will always live on in my heart and memories.