Monday, November 12, 2007

I passed comps and baby thoughts

Just a quick post to update everyone about comps. I passed them with flying colors. So, now I am half-way to being ABD (all done but dissertation) for my PhD. I have two exams left: major field and minor field exams. Once I have completed them, I can begin work on my dissertation on the transfer of Bombay from Portuguese to English hands. It is amazing how the stress has lifted from my shoulders and how relaxed I feel now that the ordeal of comprehensive exams are over with.

Now, on to the baby front. We will find out the sex of the baby in only seven more days. We think it is a boy but we would be happy if it was a girl too. We have finally decided on names for a boy and girl. Michael Collins or Grace O'Malley are what we decided upon. Both names are based on Irish rebels from Irish history, so it seems fitting to name our child after an Irish historical hero since we are both Irish and very active in the Irish-American community here in Toledo. I also finally felt the baby kick. It felt like bubbles popping in my stomach. It was a pretty neat feeling and I can't wait to feel the baby kick on a regular basis.