Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A sense of accomplishment

I have decided to leave the kid thing to God and to focus on school. I began studying for my comps yesterday. I have already plowed through two chapters on early seventeenth century European history on topics such as expansion, slavery, and the Austrian War of Succession. So far, I seem to have maintained a lot of the knowledge that I have learned in years past. While I seem comfortable with the facts, I need to work on the historiography. That will come with time and studying.

I have a study plan somewhat mapped out and I will be going to the library this weekend to get some research material as I am working on a possible publication for my CV. I also had a job interview with a local college here in Toledo for teaching a class in the fall. There is a good chance that I will get it. They offered me a course already but it conflicted with my class schedule at UT, so I am hopeful that they will find something else for me to teach. Everything seems to be coming together and I know that I will be ABD by the end of this coming academic year.

This post is short due to the fact that I have to return to work from my lunch hour.